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Francis A. Johnson
Twine Ball — 29 Years in the Making
See The World's Largest Twine
Ball Made By One Man!

Also, The World's Largest Handcarved Multiple Pliers By Francis A. Johnson.

The Twine Ball

Each year the entire town celebrates "Twine Ball Days" on the second Saturday in August - Be sure to join us!

Twine Ball Days
News on the Annual Twine Ball Day Celebration

Darwin, Minnesota is the home of a the largest Twine Ball in the World made by one man, Francis A. Johnson.

The Twine Ball is 4 meters (13 ft) in diameter, 40 ft in circumfrance, and weighs 17,400 pounds (7,900 kg).

Francis A. Johnson started his obsession in March of 1950 and wrapped for 4 hours every day for 23 weeks.

Francis lifted it with a crane to continue proper wrapping as he went along. For 39 years, this magnificent sphere evolved at Johnson's farm. Eventually the ball was moved to a circular open air shed on his front lawn.

When Francis died in 1989, the city of Darwin moved the ball onto a special city lot across from the park on Main Street.

The gazebo that shelters it today allows viewing from all sides through Plexiglas panels.

The museum is a volunteer-run museum and gift shop that offers key information on the ball's history as well many unique souvenirs.

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Twine Ball Museum | Darwin Community Club, PO Box 1, Darwin, MN 55324 | Direct: 320-693-7544 | Email: info@darwintwineball.com


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